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Gas Portable Models

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We carry a wide variety of single and double wheeled air compressors to help suite your job. We carry dozens of different, quality, gas-powered compressors.

Horsepower (HP)
The horsepower of our electric portable models varies from as low as 4.5 and as high as 11.

Tank Size (by gallon)
Our Single Wheel models have a tank size of 9 gallons. The Double Wheel models can carry up to 15.4 gallons of compressed air.

We provide single and two stage air compressors. A two stage compressor is more enregy efficient than a single stage since it can produces more air per HP unit and stores compressed air for future usage. Wear is also reduced on a two stage unit since it produces less heat. However, single stage units give the bonus of being more easily portable.

CFM @ 100 PSI
Besides the tank size in between our Single and Double Wheel models, the biggest difference within those models are the amount pressure that enables you to get the job done. Our models’ CFM @ 100 PSI range between 7.0, 8.0 and 11.2.

Make sure you get the air compressor that’s right for you. If you need help choosing the right compressor, just click here and check out how to find the right air compressor to fit your job.

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